Dongguan Huibai Automation Co., Ltd.

Solution supplier of micro motor automation equipment

  • Automatic production line for inserting motor rotor iron core and coiling line material
    Laser welding machine
    Laser coding and automatic electric inspection machine
    Robot motor automation production line
    Fan blade welding machine
    Fascia gun motor automated production line
    Brushless DC motor production line equipment
    Motor automation production line-equipment
  • Plastic parts implantation and reclaiming robot
    Robot welding
    Robot handling
    Robot painting and assembly
  • Accelerator coating machine for rotor shell
    Motor shell dispensing machine
  • Conveyor belt
    Program writing mold base
    Desktop immersion tin machine
    Manual line of water pump motor
    Semi-automatic fan blade servo press-in machine
    Dynamic balance test fixture
    PCBA program writing device
  • Motor electrical inspection machine (four channels)
  • Applications

    It is widely used in fan assembly, motor assembly and other fields
    Fan automatic assembly equipment
    Fan automatic assembly equipment


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    Dongguan Huibai Automation Co., Ltd.
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